Healthy Notions Kids


Our mission is to decrease risk factors by addressing children's health issues through arts and entertainment.

We believe that children can be empowered and challenged to make a difference in their lives and greatly impact the lives of others if they have the knowledge and opportunity to do so.


We appreciate your support. And we want everyone to know. Thank You!
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Volunteer & Give

Annual initiatives provide opportunities for volunteers 5 and older to participate in community service.

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Education & Literacy

Children are enriched through the arts and science in way that allows them to make connections to their own lives.
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Fundraising enables students to work together, and develop leadership skills while raising money for a great cause.
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Grow Lean and Green
Childhood obesity prevention program that encourages education, healthy eating and physical activity. Nearly 40% of Georgia's children are overweight or obese -- the second-highest rate in the nation.

Children will “play in the dirt again” as they prepare the soil and plant seeds for a successful harvest of tasty vegetables. Over time, they will monitor and nurture the plants throughout the growth process, while learning about the wildlife and variety of insects that vegetables must be protected from. Through gardening they experience the colors, weight and size of a variety of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, and other vegetables and herbs that would eventually serve its purpose as a tasty meal. When vegetables are harvested from the garden, a certified chef will lead their taste buds on a journey of creative, culinary fun.